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Security Awareness

How to drastically reduce the phishing risks for your organisation?


Phishing is the 1st step of a successful cyber-attack. It is also the easiest and fastest strategy with the biggest impact. Hackers use psychological tricks to create a sense of urgency, of pressure which leads people to react quickly and click without assessing the situation.

Untrained organisations have a 40% chance of falling prey to these types of attack – even if they are using the right technologies. Ensuring your teams will have the right behaviours and maintain their vigilance regardless of their environment is the most efficient way to face phishing threats.

Phishing is not a problem of knowledge and technology but of habit and behaviour. Train your team to be the first line of defence.", Emmanuel Nicaise, Human-centric Security Lead.


Why now more than ever?


We are all seeing a rapid increase in the number of successful attacks. As security technologies are blocking a high number of attacks, humans become the target of choice.
The environment has a direct impact on the workers’ vigilance and with remote working, distance impairs the reaction time and communication with the IT.

Your benefits


With our human-centric security awareness solutions, you reduce the chances of a successful phishing attack and instil cybersecurity awareness in your culture.

  • The best return on investment to reduce your risk dramatically.
  • Keep your team vigilant, ready and engaged to identify and face any phishing threats.
  • Fast deployment and adoption of the best available online platforms for security awareness.

Why choose us?

  • Leading academic research on cybersecurity psychology and contributing to expert groups
  • Team of experts, including psychologists to understand the human behaviours necessary to strengthen your cyber resilience
  • Comprehensive approach considering people, processes and technologies
  • Solutions are tailored to your needs and company culture
  • Best affordable tools available in the market

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