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DPO Services

Take the strain out of managing your data protection

Even if an implementation project has been completed, organisations still struggle to efficiently manage their GDPR compliance on a daily basis. How do they efficiently respond to a data breach, or to a data subject request? What’s the best way to manage the data processing register? How do organisations seamlessly perform Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)? All these tasks may be done over time, but they are not integrated!

Data Protection Officers (DPOs) are not mandatory for all organisations, under EU law. However every organisation in the EU must comply with and manage GDPR, by having a Data Protection Management Platform. So what should they choose for data protection and who is responsible for it ‘in-house’? What kind of governance is required?

To answer to these challenges, every organisation needs a certifiable management system for their data protection, combining expertise and technology. This is very similar to any other existing management system, such as information security (ISO 27001), except that it applies to personally identifiable information.

Our solutions


Approach provides a tailored solution combining expertise with advanced technology to manage efficiently data protection in every organisation:

  1. Data Protection Management as a fully managed service:
    We offer a set of flexible and practical on-demand services, in combination with a best-of-breed data protection management tool (Omniprivacy partnership). Our services are based on our proven GDPR assets, tools, methodologies, training and expertise, and they are adapted to your environment and needs. Our team of specialised professionals will support you when required, on-site or remotely.
  2. Implementation of a data protection management platform (in partnership with Omniprivacy):
    Our certified team can help you to implement the solution and train your team. Thanks to our experience, you will benefit faster from this tool and optimise your costs and time. 
  3. DPO as a Service for all organisations that require an official DPO:
    Do you need a part-time Data Protection Manager? We provide you with a DPO who covers the full scope of Data Protection activities, fulfilling all DPO legal obligations in line with the GDPR regulation. This solution is especially valuable for public services, among others.

Your benefits

By combining our extended cyber security and governance expertise with our advanced GDPR management technology, your organisation can rest assured that: 

  • You will gain control over GDPR processes and costs in the entire organisation.
  • You will optimise your data protection management framework. 
  • You will meet the GDPR obligations while focusing on your core business.
  • You will benefit from certified experts onsite or remotely
  • We will implement the Omniprivacy SaaS efficiently and quicker – resulting in better user experience.

Why Approach? 

Approach provides a complete, high-tech and flexible solution to manage data protection in every organisation:

  • Our certified DPO and GRC experts are also supported by a large team of experts in back office to tackle all the specific aspects (on GRC, cyber security, secure development …).
  • Our data protection management solution is backed by our expertise and experience, enabling the most efficient user experience.
  • Besides our team of experts, we work closely with Belgium’s Data Protection Authority and the wider data protection community.
  • For all legal matters, we partner with specialised law firms.

We offer a solution to our customers that is:

  • Flexible & Scalable: Chief Information Security expertise as a Service (on demand). Invest gradually as necessary – build on foundation.
  • Result oriented: Business case/ROI driven – Risk-based approach.
  • Cost effective: Limit the impact of security and compliance on the Operating Margin.
  • Quick: Activate quick wins whenever possible; show immediate results.
  • Industry knowledge: Expertise adapted to your (public and private) sector.
  • Pragmatic: Based on good practices, recognised methodologies and tools -- not on theory.
  • Quality: high quality standard for the deliverables.
  • Reliable: ISMS (ISO 27001 certified) enables us to ensure the continuity and security of the services we provide.

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