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Secure Software Factory

Risks and Opportunities

Nowadays companies have to be lean and agile. But are you sure this agility isn’t being achieved at the expense of security? Combining both requirements (agility and security) is a difficult exercise, but one that is critical if you want to thrive in today’s market conditions.

Whether integrating existing solutions or developing a fully customised one, security needs to be an integral part of every step in the process. Without this approach, you are opening the door to potential new vulnerabilities or exposing yourself to data privacy issues instead of capitalising on the value you try to create.

Our Solutions

We handle the complete development effort of a custom solution – including requirements definition, architecture and design, development and testing, through to operations. This solution is delivered by teams of highly skilled and multidisciplinary consultants, following our proven S-SDLC, and using our DevSecOps toolstack.

We provide a broad panel of Development and Implementation Services tailored to your needs and timetable:

  • Complete handling of the development process, from inception to production
  • Development of mobile, web-based or back‑office solutions
  • Selection and integration of existing packages
  • Set‑up of flexible and secure Software Factories in customer or Approach facilities
  • UI / UX consulting to provide the best blend between user experience and security
  • Analysis, Architecture and Design
  • Selection and definition of secure SDLC (methodology, processes)
  • WAF Selection and implementation 

We deliver turnkey software that meets the toughest secure requirements and is compliant with GDPR, backed by extensive maintenance and support. Security from the start is our motto.

Your benefits to outsource the development of your secure software 

We can address your challenges through secure applications development in our Secure Software Factory.

  • Complete outsourcing of the solution creation effort, from requirements to operations.
  • Confidence that the solution has been developed with privacy and security embedded at its core.
  • Avoid effort and cost of hiring, training and maintaining a multidisciplinary team with highly specific expertise.
  • Cost transparency & fast progress 

Why Approach? 

By focusing clearly on security for more than 20 years, Approach is in a unique position to make security an integral part of the development and implementation process. Following the “Secure by Design” principle, security is pervasive in all activities, from inception to the decommissioning of a system.

In order to achieve full security, we ensure that there is proper awareness among all stakeholders. All of our consultants and software engineers have been trained and certified to make security part of their everyday job. And through proper training and mentoring, we ensure your staff acquires the same mindset.

We recommend and implement a tailored, secure SDLC methodology (e.g. secure SCRUM) that encompasses the whole delivery process.

Approach, your cyber security partner

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