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CISO as a Service

Manage your cyber security program

In today’s digital world, organizations face a growing barrage of threats to their information security. How can you set up cyber and information security program, if you lack the right in-house competences, skills and structure?

These programmes can be costly, may only be needed part-time and are not most organizations’ core business. Moreover, today’s compliance or regulations often require somebody to be responsible for security within your organization. 

Hiring an external Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), now a key role in any organization, is one obvious answer.

Our solutions

Approach’s CISO as a Service solution is flexible and adaptable to clients large or small and combines expertise with advanced technology to manage efficiently your security program:

  • We deliver a CISO ad interim: 
    Approach expert takes up the CISO function within your organization.
  • We coach your CISO:
    Often organizations have someone who can act as CISO, but they must initially be coached. 
  • CISO expertise in a shared service formula
    Approach delivers an experienced CISO, with the Approach team available to jump in when specific expertise is required. We agree on an SLA for service tickets.

Our CISO as a Service tackles all dimensions of a security management program from strategic down to a day-to-day support: 

1. Strategic advice and governance:
Senior expertise supporting the organization to establish a risk profile, design a security strategy and monitor its execution. 

2. Management solution:
Implementation of a standard framework to support the management of key security processes.

3. Day-to-day support:
Ongoing CISO activities are supported by our broad service catalogue.

Flexible and dedicated cyber security expertise

When you choose our CISO as a Service, you will notably benefit from better:

  • Trust recognition in the market.
  • Better security governance across your business.
  • Increased security awareness levels throughout the organization.
  • Management of your security project initiatives, including cost control and ROI 
  • Competence and authority to manage security incidences.
  • Response time on requests from stakeholders (regulators, shareholders, customers). 
  • Security evaluation of new solutions.

CISOs are today considered to be a ‘business enabler’, especially when achieving compliance with IT security regulations or when they are required to answer specific cyber security related questions for a request for proposals (RFP). 

Why partner with Approach?

When you choose our CISO as a Service, you gain access to all Approach’s experts, services and tools: 

  • We have a robust team of CISO's and GRC experts, with different levels of expertise and certifications (CISM, Data Privacy, ISO 27001, COBIT5, …), supported by security professionals in back office. 
  • We have off-the-shelf frameworks, standards, policies, guidelines, registers, checklists, plans, forms, reports, etc.
  • We have a set of advanced tools for risk management, incident management, change management and the guidance of initialization.

We offer a solution to our customers that is:

  • Flexible & Scalable: Chief Information Security expertise as a Service (on demand). Invest gradually as necessary – build on foundation.
  • Result oriented: Business case/ROI driven – Risk-based approach.
  • Cost effective: Limit the impact of security and compliance on the Operating Margin.
  • Quick: Activate quick wins whenever possible; show immediate results.
  • Industry knowledge: Expertise adapted to your (public and private) sector.
  • Pragmatic: Based on good practices, recognized methodologies and tools -- not on theory.
  • Quality: high quality standard for the deliverables.
  • Reliable: ISMS (ISO 27001 certified) enables us to ensure the continuity and security of the services we provide.

We truly understand cyber threats, as this is our core expertise.


Approach, your cyber security partner

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