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Business Continuity

Your operational safety net when downtime gets serious

In today’s fast-changing world, organisations must be resilient, adapt quickly to unpredictable events and implement business continuity management. They also need to ensure their stakeholders (internal staff, suppliers, regulators, and customers) can continue running their operations in degraded mode.

Lastly, organisations must have plans and objectives for returning to normal operations. Each plan must be tested regularly after a major cyber-attack, disaster or crisis – such as a pandemic.

Our solutions

Approach’s Business Continuity consultant will help you to address these aspects of a comprehensive business continuity management function:

  • Define your strategy and policy.
  • Perform a business impact analysis, to define within the organisation your business key processes, their level of criticality, and any impact if these processes are not available.
  • Define and implement a business continuity plan, including a solution to enable your business to keep running whilst defining and implementing a recovery procedure.
  • Establish a crisis management process and procedures.
  • Business continuity testing and maintenance.

Customer benefits

If your organisation implements a Business Continuity solution, your benefits include:

  • Fast and efficient reaction to a disaster or major crisis (cyber or any other), so you can keep your business running.
  • Minimizing any negative business impacts.
  • Raising awareness within the organisation – your team will know what to do and how to continue working.
  • Increasing the trust level among your customers and partners, etc.
  • Compliance with key regulations (GDPR, ISO 27001, NIS, etc.).

Why choose Approach?

We have proven experience in handling crises, including cyber incidents. So we are the best player to help you recover after a cyber-attack, as well as to prevent such an attack and to define a plan to react to it in the most efficient way.

We have hands-on experience in implementing security governance culture and expertise.

Our consultants are certified, are guided by the ISO 22301 (business continuity management), and they have an in-depth understanding of key regulatory requirements (NIST, COBIT, NIS) for business continuity.

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