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KnowBe4 partnership announcement

29 September 2020

Approach and KnowBe4 are partnering to answer your phishing and security awareness challenges. 

Thanks to our human-centric security approach combined with leading KnowBe4 solutions, we can help you face the increasing phishing risks efficiently. We bring our unique experience and knowledge to bear in the psychology of phishing, education, and cybersecurity to tailor the program to your organization’s cultures and to maximize the results.

Nowadays, phishing emails are a cause for concern for everyone: citizens, governments, organizations large and small, etc. According to Europol, criminals use phishing emails, and mostly spear-phishing attacks, as the primary infection vector in 65% of targeted attacks (Europol, 2019). One data breach out of three involves phishing. Ransomware, fraud, and (personal) data leakage are the three main risks behind phishing.

Have you or your colleagues ever clicked on an email that you shouldn’t click?

Get aware and trained on cyber risks is key but keep in mind the context can influence your behavior; your emotions (tired, stressed...) can affect your attention, and may you lead to click on a phishing email.
Humans are - for us - the best defensive line by far to stop cyberattacks or limit their impact, that's why we pay attention to human factors during our security awareness and phishing prevention missions. This is the most effective approach to maximize your results and reduce your phishing risks.

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