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Ethical Hacking

How big is your cyber-attack surface?


The cyber-attack surface is expanding and increasingly complex to keep under control so it is important to identify your risk exposure and address your vulnerabilities quickly before hackers can exploit them. As well as technological weak spots, humans are also an access point, and your employees are the 1st choice for targeted attacks such as phishing.

There are two levels of attack:

  • Common attacks (easy and fast to deploy) indiscriminately aimed at everyone.
  • Targeted and persistent attacks (known as APT). This type usually involves a far more complex threat that persistently attacks on multiple fronts, using different vectors.

Why now more than ever?


The remote work environment facilitates the attacks. Your employees’ vigilance is lowered by familiar surroundings. Working remotely also means an increase in communication and reaction times.
Yet the number of attacks is on the rise.

    Your benefits


    With our ethical hacking tests, you will rapidly be able to identify and address your most vulnerable areas.

    • Detect and fix a maximum of vulnerabilities quickly.
    • Get ready to face real attacks and strengthen your cyber resilience.
    • Improve your security posture by reducing your attack surface.
    • Raise the level of security awareness across your organisation.
    • Get our certificate of completion to demonstrate that thorough testing has been performed by a reputable third party.

    Why choose us?

    • Strong red team of 15+ certified ethical hackers (CEH, OSCP) following the best methods and standards such as the OSSTMM and OWASP.
    • Proven experience: we have already performed more than 1000 missions in the past 20 years for our customers; and our team works daily in our cyber lab to achieve zero-day exploitation.
    • Trusted partner: we conduct our tests according to strict rules of engagement and in the utmost confidentiality avoiding any unintended consequences or sensitive data leakage. We are ISO 27001 certified.  
    • Unique joint expertise in cybersecurity and software development.
    • Holistic approach to cybersecurity: we provide a complete offer – covering people, processes and technologies – supported by the most advanced tooling provided through our carefully selected partnerships.

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