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Managed Detection & Response

Prevention & protection do not stop all threats


It is no longer a question of if but when cyber threats will strike against you. Nowadays, the average dwell time, or time before detection - without appropriate tools and expertise - is over 200 days. In that time, a hacker’s actions can generate disastrous consequences.

You need to ask yourself; do you have the right resources to:

  • detect any threats and unwanted intrusions 24/7?
  • confirm which ones represent a real risk?
  • respond quickly to limit their impact?

Traditional measures are ineffective and outdated in today’s threat landscape. Your teams get flooded by a never-ending stream of false positives and alerts that end up drowning out the real threats. We need new ways to detect & respond to malicious attacks.


Why now more than ever?

The risk has never been greater, and no one is immune: cyber threats are more numerous, more sophisticated, more targeted, more innovative than ever.
Market and regulatory demands are also pushing organisations to look for Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solutions.
Modern Security Operation Centres (SOC) are affordable and scalable to answer any needs.  

Your benefits


With our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solution, we detect and counteract threats before they become breaches.

  • Robust cybersecurity posture from day 1: Fast deployment & fully outsourced service
  • Cost control and transparency: Affordable service with no surprises, tailored to your needs and infrastructure
  • No false positive alerts: You are only alerted in case of a confirmed threat
  • Reassure your customers and employees about the security of their data

Our solutions


We offer much more than a traditional Security Operations Centre (SOC). We combine a cutting-edge technology stack from Hacknowledge with our 20 years' cybersecurity expertise:

Hacknowledge’s innovative swiss-made technology stack:

  • Monitoring: a 24/7 or business hours format
  • Sensors: scalable custom sensors including IDS, Honeypots and canaries that provide additional visibility to your network and generate strong Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and reduce false positives to effectively detect security breaches
  • SIEM: collect, normalise and correlate your logs to help you effectively detect & respond to emerging threats, delivered as on-premises or as a cloud service model. We provide the service with our managed SIEM hosted in our data centres or with the possibility to use your Microsoft Sentinel or Splunk SIEM
  • Sandboxing: detect malicious content and use as a malware analysis tool
  • Threat Intelligence: our platform is continuously enriched with the latest threat feeds

Approach’s local and unique expertise:   

  • Additional local and custom OSINT and threat Intelligence about new potential attacks
  • Local Technical Account Management from our blue team expert to periodically review the SOC report including performances, events, overall cybersecurity posture and advice for improvement (use cases)
  • Interface with L1/L2 monitoring and single point of contact to alert you only in cases of confirmed attacks
  • CyberSecurity Incident Response Team to support you in case of incidents
  • Strict SLAs and customer management in English, French or Dutch

Why choose us?

  • Best in class SOC at an affordable price, tailored for small and medium sized companies
  • Continuous and high investment in our people
  • Local team of security experts who act as an extension of your own team
  • Our human intelligence built on 20 years’ experience is combined with state-of-the art technologies to provide the most effective service
  • Data sovereignty: your data is hosted in highly secure data centres in Europe or Switzerland
  • Our ISO 27001 certification ensures your data is shared in the strictest confidentiality
  • We tailor our solutions to your existing infrastructure whether in the cloud or on-premises
  • Our 360° approach to cybersecurity and our proven governance capabilities enable us to adopt a risk-based approach in the delivered MDR service

Approach, your cyber security partner

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