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ISO 27001 Certification Fast-Track Solutions

The benefits of an ISO 27001 certificate

The granting of a widely recognised and respected worldwide certificate such as ISO 27001 to your organisation is a fantastic business-enabler:

  • It demonstrates your level of control over data protection and compliance,
  • It encourages continual improvement and reduce operational costs,
  • It serves as a solid foundation for multiple compliance standards and requirements such as the GDPR,
  • And it raises security awareness across all layers of your organisation.

It is also a powerful marketing tool, as a seal of quality, generating a competitive advantage. With ISO 27001 certification you will gain greater traction with your prospects and speed up your sales cycle.

How can we help to succeed your ISO 27001 certification process?

Keep it simple! Be pragmatic! Speed up the process! 

  1. We integrate the gap analysis in the planning phase - So your certification process is accelerated and your investment is optimized.
  2. We set up directly a clear action plan - So you can provide a quick assurance and evidences to your customers and stakeholders that your organization is in control and has taken the appropriate steps toward a certification
  3. Our method and our assets support your needs - So you are in better control of your budget and spending.

Our approach to ensure fast and successful ISO 27001 certification

Thanks to our 15+ years of experience with implementing and assessing ISMS, Approach has developed ISO 27001 Certification Fast-Track Solutions that help our customers to clear the high bar and quickly gain all of the benefits provided by being certified.

Our ISO 27001 Certification Fast-Track Solutions are based along three main lines: 

  1. Expertise & talent :  We only assign experienced, continuously trained and certified “ISO 27001 Lead Implementer” Consultants to lead ISMS implementation and maintenance activities. Through these Consultants, you will also benefit from all the expertise and skillsets available at APPROACH in a range of areas such as governance, risk management, compliance, cyber security, secure software development and security solution integration.
  2. Pragmatic and proven methodologies : We focus on business objectives for the certification, quickly coming up with realistic macroplanning along with an agile project governance model. We start implementing the ISMS from day one because we bring reusable assets to our customers. Whenever possible, we leverage existing processes and tools already in place in your organisation. We also apply Change Management techniques to ensure the adoption of new practices within your organisation.
  3. Assets & tools : We bring a complete set of ISMS reusable assets (policies, standards, awareness materials, documentation, etc.) and the best Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tooling for your organisation. We select and tailor our assets and tools to your specific organisation size, complexity and industry, allowing excessive documentation writing and tooling configuration costs to be saved.

And after certification…

ISO 27001 Certification Fast-Track solutions help organisations to implement an ISMS and to prepare for and assist during the audit. Once the audits are completed and the certificate is granted, the journey stops for the ISMS implementation project – but does not stop for the organisation!

APPROACH also provides support with the maintenance and continuous improvement of the ISMS and certification renewal over time.  
Learn more about our CISO as a Service Solutions

Why partnering with Approach?

Approach brings more than 15 years of experience with implementing and assessing ISMS, ISO standards and risk management frameworks. We have led or contributed to many ISO 27001 projects towards success for organisations ranging from start-ups to the largest institutions, across all industries.

With our people, proven methods, re-usable assets and tools, we help our customers to avoid the pitfalls and accelerate the certification process, reducing timescale for implementation and costs, while minimising impacts on regular business activities and resources.

Last, but not least, we lead by example. We apply our principles, methods and tools to ourselves.  Approach is certified ISO 27001 for all its business activities.  Discover why Approach has opted for ISO 27001 certification. 


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Approach organize generic and customized security trainings on or off site. Have a look at our catalog!

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Our approach to cyber-security

Our customers benefit from the expertise and talent of our people, combined with pragmatic and proven methods and the efficiency brought by our assets:


Expertise and talent

Since 2001 we have applied our experience in cyber-security gained in various industries, from small to large businesses. Our people are seasoned, certified professionals who continuously improve and extend their knowledge.


Pragmatic and proven methods

We rely on most recognised, easily auditable and adopted standards and good practices and apply them pragmatically. We always tailor our approach to your particular context, needs and organisation culture.


Asset-based approach

We make use of the most advanced and reliable tools and solutions to support our services. This enables us to be more efficient during delivery, enforce the use of standard auditable methods and provide transparency about our achievements and your results.

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