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Wilink & Approach join forces to protect SMBs

15 September 2021

Zero risk does not exist when it comes to cyber security, so cyber insurance is just as important as a strong defensive or preventive cyber security strategy.

By partnering with Wilink, the first Belgian independent insurance broker, we can help our customers – in case of a cyber incident - stop the attack, swiftly recover their business and minimise the financial impact.

In our 360° approach to cyber security, we were searching for a local cyber insurance broker providing solutions tailored to the needs and resources of our Belgian customers. With Wilink’s cyber insurance and Approach’s expertise, our customers can rest assured they are efficiently covered and supported in case of a cyber-attack.” comments David Vanderoost, CEO Approach.

We have the same types of clients and our expertise in cyber security is complementary. Cyber insurance has been part of our offering for some time now. The condition is of course that customers also have good cyber security and Approach is a real leader in this area." says Benoît Tellier of Wilink.

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Why sign for cyber insurance?

Ransomware, phishing attacks are on the rise and the Belgian market is no exception. According to Hiscox’s Cyber Readiness Report, 4 out of 10 businesses have fallen victim to at least one cyber-attack with almost half of all attacked Belgian companies paying the ransom to retrieve their data.

Absolute security is impossible. So you need to ask yourself “Can my organisation survive a cyber-attack?”

It is important to be prepared and have a strategy to restore your business as soon as possible.  This includes a cyber insurance and access to professional support in the case of a confirmed attack.


How can we help you in case of a cyber incident?

Wilink provides you with reassurance that you have the necessary coverage to limit the damage and recover quickly so that you can have peace of mind.

You can trust Approach’s local Cyber Security Response Team (CSIRT) to act quickly and efficiently to stop the attack, limit the damage and start the recovery process to get you back up and running as fast as possible – with or without an insurance policy.  

Our 100+ cyber security experts are there for you to help you recover your business but also to anticipate, prevent, protect, detect and respond to any cyber threats. Contact us to know more!   

Who is Wilink?  

WILINK is the first independent Belgian broker present throughout the territory in the 4 businesses:
  • “Non-life” insurance (home insurance, car insurance, etc.)
  • “Life” insurance (health insurance, retirement, provident insurance)
  • Credit (mortgage brokerage and borrower insurance)
  • Asset Management (life insurance and retirement savings investments)

The group, which generates nearly 35 million euros in turnover, serves nearly 82,000 individual customers and 12,000 SMBs through a network of 15 agencies and around 130 exclusive sub-agents.

A subsidiary of the WILINK group, Elitis Insurance has the status of mandated underwriter and notably develops “wholesale” broker solutions.

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