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Secure Development

Develop highly secure and resilient solutions to support your business
Build a software factory that embeds security into the products delivered
Integrate security solutions and implement security management tools

Secure Development

Software is everywhere. Unfortunately, software is also filled with bugs. Access violations, buffer overflows, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, cryptographic issues and insufficient input validations are some of the most common software vulnerabilities that must be addressed carefully to prevent an application layer attack

This is why more and more organizations, ranging from banks to public sector associations, from  health care providers to technology firms, are starting to incorporate security as integral part of their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  

Secure Development or Secure SDLC means addressing software risks at all phases of the development process: requirements, architecture, design  development, validation, integration, operations and decommissioning. 

Our solutions

At Approach, Agile and DevOps concepts are complemented with Secure Agile and DevSecOps principles. Discover the solutions we propose based on this expertise.

Secure Software Factory

Outsource the production of your sensitive software applications to real experts.

Staff Augmentation

Complete your software development staff with Secure Development experts.

Secure Development Methodologies

Ensure all good practices are applied at each phase of your Software Development Life Cycle.

Secure Code Review

Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in your JAVA or .NET source code to prevent Software attacks.

Check also our other solutions that will enable you to strengthen the security of your software components:
  • Penetration Testing: Detect unknown vulnerabilities in your software applications, using the knowledge of experienced ethical hackers.
  • Web Application FirewallProtect your applications using our Approach WAF solution, an innovative technology combined with an advanced managed service.
  • Architecture Review: Review your architecture diagrams, data flow and architecture choices in accordance with your organization’s business and security objectives.
  • Training and Coaching: Educate your development staff about security principles thanks to our popular application security training. 
  • Digital Identity Solutions: Identify and authenticate your internal and external users using the best-in-class identity solutions.
Do you need to embed security at the core of your developments?
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Client references


Published on 15 October 2019

Hiring Java Full Stack Developers for our Secure Development Solutions

We are looking for Java Developers to support our growth and develop User...
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Published on 12 September 2019

FinTech Belgium Cyber Security Classrooms – Approach presentations available for download

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Published on 22 May 2019

Keep your IBAN secret, it could be easily abused!

National press coverage: Approach has discovered a critical flaw in major online shops  They all speak about it:
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Published on 16 May 2019

Approach opens an office in Antwerp

In order to pursue its growth ambitions and become the Belgian reference in cyber security, Approach opens a second office in Antwerp. ...
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Published on 05 April 2019

Get a grant for your IT security projects - Brussels-Capital Region

Since March 25, 2019, micro, small and medium-sized companies that have a headquarters in the Brussels-Capital Region can receive grants for...
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Published on 12 December 2018

Approach is now ISO 27001 certified!

Approach has been awarded certification for ISO 27001, the widely recognised and respected worldwide standard for Information Security...
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Published on 12 October 2018

How do you deal with low risk level vulnerabilities ?

Nothing should be left behind when speaking in terms of security...  A story by David Bloom, Cyber-Security Consultant at Approach.
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Published on 10 September 2018

Connective and Approach: partnership announcement

Approach and Connective: a synergy for more secure and compliant digital identity and e-signature solutions. Read the Press Release
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Published on 04 September 2018

How I hacked a cheap IoT and how it could have been prevented

As a cyber-security company, we regularly create internal contests. The latest one was focusing on the hacking of an IoT application.
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Published on 05 June 2018

Approach is recruiting IT Security experts

The Waldorado team from RTL TVI visited us to know more about our activites and the profiles we are recruiting.  Watch the movie !
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Published on 25 May 2018

itsme, Best Product Data News Award for Excellence in 2018 

On May 24th, itsme® received the Best Product Data News Award for Excellence. 
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Published on 04 April 2018

Rise of DDoS Amplification Attacks

Since the end of February 2018, we’ve seen a rise of DDoS Amplification attacks, with in some case more than 1Tbps of traffic generated. ...
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Published on 26 March 2018

What level of security and privacy does itsme® offer?

With the emergence of digital and online services, using a trusted digital identity for your users, collaborators, partners has become even more...
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Published on 21 March 2018

Data News Award Excellence 2018 - Approach nominations

Approach is nominated twice for the Data News Awards for Excellence 2018: Cyber security Innovator & Scale-up Company.  Why voting for...
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Published on 22 February 2018

Itsme is ready for the mass market (NL)

Itsme has been activated 125,000 times already.  Via the smartphone app,  you can log into your e-bank and other applications. Its...
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Published on 26 February 2018

Can we really trust an antivirus when it comes to unknown threats?

Approach CSIRT Team reproduced a similar attack in its lab ...
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Published on 16 April 2019

Approach solution offering - brochure

We enable our customers to succeed by delivering state‑of‑the‑art solutions to cyber security challenges.
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Published on 14 December 2017

Approach acquires Software Development company TInSys

Approach is to take over TInSys (Total Integration Systems), a Belgian medium sized software development company, specialising in mobile apps...
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Published on 11 December 2017

Approach, l’un des acteurs derrière Itsme

Approach est l’une des discrètes chevilles ouvrières derrière la solution d’identification sécurisée Itsme, dévoilée récemment....
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Approach organize generic and customized security trainings on or off site. Have a look at our catalog!

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Our approach to cyber-security

Our customers benefit from the expertise and talent of our people, combined with pragmatic and proven methods and the efficiency brought by our assets:


Expertise and talent

Since 2001 we have applied our experience in cyber-security gained in various industries, from small to large businesses. Our people are seasoned, certified professionals who continuously improve and extend their knowledge.


Pragmatic and proven methods

We rely on most recognised, easily auditable and adopted standards and good practices and apply them pragmatically. We always tailor our approach to your particular context, needs and organisation culture.


Asset-based approach

We make use of the most advanced and reliable tools and solutions to support our services. This enables us to be more efficient during delivery, enforce the use of standard auditable methods and provide transparency about our achievements and your results.

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