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Phishing Prevention

The phishing risk

Nowadays, phishing emails are a cause for concern for everyone: citizens, governments, organisations large and small, etc.
According to Europol, criminals use phishing emails, and mostly spear-phishing attacks, as the primary infection vector in 65% of targeted attacks (Europol, 2019). One data breach out of three involves phishing. Ransomware, fraud, and (personal) data leakage are the three main risks behind phishing. It is one of the primary concerns of our clients and, consequently, phishing prevention is the most requested solution in our security awareness offering

Why partner with Approach? 

Take advantage of our unique cybersecurity expertise and a human-centric approach to face the increasing phishing risks efficiently!  

Your benefits:  

  • Reduce your phishing risks efficiently 
  • Get your teams ready and engaged to face the growing risks 
  • Demonstrate the return on security investments

Our strengths:

  • Our unique experience and knowledge in the psychology of phishing, education and cybersecurity  
  • Deep expertise and a holistic approach to cybersecurity 
  • Our integrated solution that brings together our expertise with best-in-class solutions like Knowbe4


Approach, your cyber security partner

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