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Omniprivacy & Approach collaborate to tackle GDPR compliance challenges

05 March 2020

Omniprivacy and Approach are partnering to answer the enterprises’ major GDPR compliance challenges.

Even if an implementation project has been completed, organizations still struggle to daily manage efficiently their GDPR compliance :

  • How do they respond in an efficient way to a data breach or subject request ?
  • What’s the best way to manage the data processing register?
  • How do organizations seamlessly perform Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)?
  • What should they, therefore, chose for data protection and who would be accountable “in-house” for it? What kind of governance is required?

By combining our extended cyber security and governance expertise with the Omniprivacy 360°GDPR management tool, organizations can rest assured that: 

  • They will gain control over GDPR processes in the entire organization
  • They will optimize their data protection management framework 
  • They will meet the GDPR obligations while focusing on their core business
  • We will implement the SaaS efficiently and quicker – resulting in costs control and better user experience.
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