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Network Detection and Response

Prevention doesn't stop threats

Traditional Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions (IDPS) are outdated and ineffective in today’s threat landscape. A signature-based threat detection is a strong solution for known threats but falls short for unknown threats. 

  • IDPS technologies are very noisy (too many alerts), they cannot pick-up unknown attacks, and are difficult to maintain. IDPS rules and signatures require constant updates and tuning.
  • Attackers get in through phishing most of the time and avoid your IDPS-system completely on the edge of your perimeter. 
  • IDPS suffer from a lack of integration capabilities with other security tools, especially for security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR)
  • Furthermore, the move to the cloud makes it even harder to have visibility and control over your hybrid environment. This situation requires new ways of detecting malicious behaviour in both on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

It is high time to replace your aging IDPS to detect and respond to real attacks effectively.  New network-based technologies enable security professionals to obtain quick threat visibility across an entire environment without using agents.

Why partner with Approach? 

Take advantage of our unique cyber security expertise combined with best-in-class solutions to face the increasing risks efficiently. 

Your benefits

  • Meaningful AI plus threat intel to detect attacker behaviour and respond to high-fidelity detections. No more noise.
  • Agentless coverage for IaaS, SaaS, Data Centres, IoT and OT that detect known and unknown attacks. No more blind spots.
  • Automated incident response supports regulatory compliance mandates. No more tuning and tweaking signatures and rules.

Our strengths 

  • Strong expertise thanks to our certified security experts, SOC analysts and Subject Matter Experts.
  • Approach invests continuously in research, development and training through our cyberlab where NDR solutions are integrated with other components such as Microsoft Sentinel and Defender for Endpoint. This provides a unique opportunity to create outstanding know-how
  • Our risk based multi-layered approach to cybersecurity 
  • Our integrated solution that brings together our expertise with best-in-class solutions like Vectra AI Cognito ®

Approach, your cyber security partner

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