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Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Our Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) team works closely with a company’s leadership team to guide their journey to meet and exceed market standards in cyber resilience.


Our team:

  • Is a balanced mix of more than 30 experienced and certified CISOs, DPOs and young talents.
  • Has an integrated approach to address your GRC requirements in line with industry best practices and standards.
  • Adapts to your culture, industry and budget.

How can our team address your needs? 

  1. Assess & advise: We evaluate your organisation’s cyber and privacy risks and maturity level, we provide an action plan to remedy any weak points and meet regulatory & legal requirements.
  2. Implement: We support you with the implementation of the GRC tools to safeguard your data such or meet your legal and regulatory requirements.
  3. Coach & train: Our experts coach your teams. Whether you are looking to keep your CISO up to speed to meet all your security needs or want to help your people obtain the ISO 27001 Lead Implementer certification, our experts are able share their field experience and best practices with them. 
  4. CISO & DPO as a service: Our certified professionals are handling all of your needs in a fully outsourced or hybrid mode. we delegate our CISOs and DPOs as an interim or permanent capacity to cover the full scope of activities within your organisation.  
Our solutions

Assessment & Audit Services

Obtain a clear diagnosis about your current security posture and risk profile.

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ISO 27001 & 27701

Demonstrate your level of maturity in cyber resilience & privacy to third parties. We help you prepare for the ISO27001/27701 certification.

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CISO Services

Rely on our GRC expertise and rich resources to fulfil or complete the CISO function in your organisation.

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Data Protection & privacy

Rely on our data protection experts and resources to build and maintain your GDPR compliance.

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Business Continuity

Define and implement business continuity for a more resilient response to any attack and major disaster.

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Cyber Insurances

We guide you through the process of selecting and contracting with the right insurance policy provider to cover your residual cyber risk.

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Why choose Approach’s Governance, Risk Management and Compliance team? 

  • We are specialised in cyber security as well as data protection & privacy. Our combined expertise in both fields allows us to provide a comprehensive solution.
  • 20+ years of experience in implementing and assessing ISMS and PIMS, ISO standards and risk management frameworks allows us to easily identify any pitfalls and roadblocks.
  • We follow all relevant regulations, laws and frameworks sich as: DORA, NIS2, Cybersecurity Resilience Act, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, TISAX,…
  • We have a robust team of certified CISOs, DPOs and GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) experts who are supported by technical security professionals in back office.
  • We have off-the-shelf frameworks, standards, policies, guidelines, registers, checklists, plans, forms, templates, reports, etc. that can be reused and adapted to your environment.
  • We have a set of advanced tools for risk management, incident management, change management and the guidance of initialization.