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Comply with the GDPR by following our proven approach

The GDPR: an opportunity to review your approach to data protection and compliance management

Our response to the GDPR is quite simple: it is a regulation which most companies have to comply with. The Data Protection Authority will verify your compliance by checking whether your organization has implemented the organizational and technical measures required in order to ensure that personal data is protected. In other words, you need a certifiable management system. This is very similar to any other existing management system such as for quality (ISO 9000) or information security (ISO 27001), except that it applies to the rights and freedoms of citizens.

What are the benefits of a well-designed Data Protection Management Program?
  • Improve the quality of your governance processes
  • Enable your organization to demonstrate accountability and transparency
  • Boost your resilience to unexpected negative events
  • Ease the adoption of newly and continuously evolving standards and regulations
  • Enable your transformation goals towards digitization
  • Reinforce your cyber security defence at all layers

This will be achieved by implementing Privacy by Design into your processes.

“ With our multi-disciplinary competences,  you will benefit from
a proven and pragmatic approach and in-depth & on-demand expertise to achieve GDPR compliance. "

Approach can support your organization in every step of the way, depending on your needs and compliance journey:

your compliance

Our team has drawn on our extensive expertise and experience to develop methodologies and tools that enable organizations to assess their compliance and identify areas of improvement.

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Implement your compliance program

The biggest challenge to achieving GDPR compliance resides in the ability to coordinate various activities. Our proven, structured methodology to the GDPR is four fold.

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Manage and Govern your compliance program


Why Approach for the GDPR? 

Security and governance expertise

  • With Approach, you work with professionals in Cyber security and information Security governance.
  • We bring expertise to bear in breach response, application security, pen testing, infrastructure security, ..

Team of certified and experienced professionals in data protection:

  • Our consultants are certified by accredited institutions such as PECB, Solvay Brussels School, ISACA or ITGovernance
  • All consultants have real data protection management experience in the public and private sectors and in large organizations or SME

Pragmatic, opportunity-oriented and aligned with your sourcing strategy:

  • Our objective is to make your organization as autonomous as possible
  • We strive to implement quick wins that deliver immediate value to your business
  • We help you manage your budget and sourcing strategy with an agile and flexible service offering
  • We do not reinvent the wheel. We will always look for ways to integrate data protection requirements in your existing processes.

Asset based:

  • Approach has developed a set of predefined templates, tools, methodologies and processes that can easily be adapted to your business
  • We also work with partners such as IntegrityGRC to operationalize the management of some key GRC functions (risk management, document management, workflows, ..)

Approach is also aware that the GDPR encompasses legal issues for which clients also may need advice. To meet this concern, Approach is partnering with law firms which specialise in ICT and Data Privacy matters.

Approach, your cyber security partner

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