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Digital Identity & Trust

Digital Identity & Trust

An increasingly digital society needs a digital ID, one that can be trusted in just the same way as your ID card in the physical world. Today, people must identify themselves in many different ways, including through logins, passwords, PIN codes, etc.

Backed by years of security experience and expertise, we can assist you to deploy the most suitable digital identity and other trust services, such as legal electronic signatures, as defined by the EU’s eIDAS regulation.

Approach has pioneered this path since 2001, thanks to active involvement in several European eID schemes such as itsme® and LuxTrust®.

Our solutions

Digital Identity Solutions

Identify and authenticate your users using the most secure and convenient identity solutions.

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Identity & Access Management

Ensure the right people access the right resources by adding a solid IAM solution.

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Electronic Signatures

Offer a truly secure, legal and paperless experience by introducing e-signature solutions.

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