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Manage efficiently your data protection activities with our DPM services

Why Data Protection Management services ?

We’ve passed 25 May 2018… Now what? Well, the Data Protection journey has just begun… Depending on where you stand with the GDPR today, you will need to improve and / or maintain your compliance level over time.

You will in fact need to manage your compliance on an ongoing basis (respond to internal privacy questions, perform Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s), update documents, see to breach management and employee awareness, define new privacy and/or security controls, audit support, new third-party contracts…) and to perform regular compliance scans or audits so as to be able to further document and demonstrate your compliance.

Do you have these different levels of expertise and the budget to appoint in-house resources to perform these tasks?

Our Data Protection Management aaS (DPM aaS) services, on-demand access to specialized resources

Through our DPM aaS services, we offer a set of flexible and pragmatic on-demand services, based on our proven GDPR assets, tools, methodologies and expertise, adapted to your environment and needs. Our team of specialized professionals will support you when required, onsite or remotely.

Whether you need a part-time Data Protection Manager, ad-hoc or periodic Data Protection awareness, advice or support, our DPM aaS service covers the full scope of Data Protection activities in the light of the GDPR regulation. For all legal matters, we partner with specialized law firms.

Our team of experts at your service, onsite and/or remotely

At Approach, we have a robust team of multilingual Data Protection professionals, with different levels of certification (Data Privacy, ISO 27001…) and expertise in both the private and public sector.

This enables us to align our services to your objectives and requirements:

  • A pragmatic and cost-effective solution to improve and maintain your GDPR compliance
  • Ad-hoc access to independent Data Protection expertise not available internally
  • Application of best practices in achieving and maintaining compliance with the GDPR
  • Access to GDPR awareness modules
  • Training and / or coaching of your employees
  • Access to on-demand compliance audit support
  • We flex our services up and down in accordance with your needs
  • We have a neutral, vendor-independent approach
  • We provide our services onsite and/or remotely

What if you need a Data Protection Officer (DPO) according to the GDPR?

Approach can act as your certified DPO - we suggest you to have a look at our offering or contact our experts

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GDPR - why a CISO!

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Our Approach to cyber-security

Our customers benefit from the expertise and talent of our people, combined with pragmatic and proven methods and the efficiency brought by our assets:


Expertise and talent

Since 2001 we have applied our experience in cyber-security gained in various industries, from small to large businesses. Our people are seasoned, certified professionals who continuously improve and extend their knowledge.


Pragmatic and proven methods

We rely on most recognised, easily auditable and adopted standards and good practices and apply them pragmatically. We always tailor our approach to your particular context, needs and organisation culture.


Asset-based approach

We make use of the most advanced and reliable tools and solutions to support our services. This enables us to be more efficient during delivery, enforce the use of standard auditable methods and provide transparency about our achievements and your results.

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