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Connecting the cyber security ecosystem

Approach acts as a platform that connects the cyber security ecosystem, where expertise, networking, resources and solutions can be shared.

Over the past 17 years, we have built a broad and diverse ecosystem of trusted partners and experts, associations, schools, authorities and customer representatives, who actively share knowledge and expertise with each other.


Our ecosystem is based along three main lines


Our Community

Third‑party companies and independent consultants (freelancers) focusing on cyber security, who work actively with Approach.


Our Clients

Active and past customer representatives from all industries, who share their experience and learn from each other.


Our Network

A broad network of cyber-security professionals, leading associations, interest groups, universities, schools and authorities.

Why join our Community?

As a cyber security company or independent consultant, you will:

  • Gain access to our network 
  • Participate in our workgroups and taskforces, focusing on specific themes
  • Unlock new business opportunities in GRC, cyber security and secure development
  • Attend leading cyber‑security events with us
  • Find the best partners, resources and assets for your projects
  • Broaden your skills and solution offerings

Why attend to our customer events?

We regularly invite our customers to join our experts in sharing their knowledge and experience at roundtable sessions and panel meetings.

Our customer base features more than 300 past and active customers across all industries: public sector, banks, insurance companies, technology companies, FinTechs, energy providers, utilities, telecoms and media, healthcare, transport, etc.


A broad network of cyber‑security specialists

We are connected to a broad base of cyber security professionals, interest groups, associations, circles, universities, schools, regulatory and legal authorities.

Thanks to these relationships, we watch and inspire trends, while contributing to shaping the future of the cyber‑defence landscape.