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Application Security

Application Security

Did you know 90% of successful cyber-attacks take place at the application layer? Security flaws – like buffer overflows, SQL injections, or cross-site scripting – must all be fixed as fast as possible. Application security is a common challenge for every organization, regardless of your sector or industry.

Our Application Security approach is based on a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) foundation, embedding security gates in all stages. We build and run secure by design applications in our software factory, we validate software through advanced Penetration Testing & Secure Code Review, and we provide training and coaching for your in-house developers.

Our solutions

Secure SDLC

Learn how to create ‘secure by design’ software.

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Pen Test & Secure Code Review

Let’s find out how secure your applications are.

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Training & Coaching

Create a secure development culture within your organization.

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Secure Software Factory

Outsource the development and support of your secure software to real experts.

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